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Moly Resin™ is a product trademark of John Norrell Inc. The thermally cured coatings are formulated from a phenolic resin base and molybdenum disulfide (a superior lubricant) with an exclusive blend of additives that create a phenolic coating that is a hard, durable, chemical and heat resistant state-of-the-art finish. Our low temperature catalyst hardens and bonds the coating to the surface to form a barrier to acids, oils, paint removers, powder solvents, bore cleaners and other strong industrial solvents. The low curing temperature also prevents possible heat damage to parts during the curing process. Moly Resin™ thermally cured coatings were developed for ordnance usage on equipment and weapons, providing excellent corrosion protection, abrasion resistance and lubricity to meet automatic weapon dry firing requirements. Available ready to apply. No thinning or dilution is needed.

Moly Resin™ will adhere to all properly prepared metal surfaces including the following: aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, copper and silver solder joints. Note: Blued, anodized, nickel and chrome plated surfaces may not allow the best adhesion and may need to be abrasive blasted to allow the best adhesion of the Resin. Parkerizing is an excellent metal prep for Moly Resin. For all metals, best overall results are achieved on freshly air-blasted (with aluminum oxide) surfaces.


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