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Size and Pricing

PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING!! Moly Resin THERMAL CURE -All colors are the same price

  • $ 29.00 / 8 ounce bottle (includes shipping)
  • $ 69.00 / per quart (includes shipping)
  • $169.00 / gallon (includes shipping)

Prices: AIR DRY Moly Resin (Black)

  • $ 30.00 / 8 ounce bottle (includes shipping)
  • $ 75.00 / per quart (includes shipping)
  • - Prices already include shipping charges via UPS in the contiguous 48 states.
    - We ship by UPS only, therefore we must have a street address, no P.O. Boxes are accepted.
    - We do not accept personal checks as pre-payment or for UPS C.O.D.s.
    - We are unable to accept charge cards except through this website. Orders over $500 need to be paid for by more secure means than credit cards. Contact us for details.
    - We do not accept orders from IP addresses outside the U.S.
    - We ship only within the contiguous 48 U.S.states. - Moly Resin products cannot be shipped by air (overnight, next day, etc).
    - Gallons are shipped as four quarts.
    - Orders are usually shipped within 3 to 7 business days (M-F) from the time we receive an order. For orders placed on the website using a credit card, you will receive an e-mail notice when the order has been placed and another e-mail when it is being processed and pulled for shipment. Actual shipping my be the next couple days. At the time the order is pulled and the "pulled for shipping" e-mail is sent to you there is no tracking number available. Tracking number are assigned later in the shipping process. We can, however, supply the tracking number at a later date if you request it.

    When ordering a gallon of mixed colors and you wish to be billed the gallon pricing of $169., please place your order in the appropriate section on our order form. That is order line 35. If you order four individual quarts you will be billed for $240. instead of the gallon price of $169. Since the AIR DRY Moly quarts are more expensive they cannot be mixed into the color choice for the $165. gallon pricing.


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